MUFFIN we live on 2.3 acres and thought how nice it would be to have a horse, help mow the grass, another pet for our collection. We toddle off and buy a 2 year old Filly (is she still at filly at two?) named Little Miss Muffin, renamed Muffin (so when she gets fatter she will have a Muffin top, haha) a miniature horse, brown in colour with a blonde mane and tail and those gorgeous little sparkling eyes. Her breeder, a lovely man, tells us that she will never need her feet done, only feed her a scoop of pony pellets a day when putting her to bed, and if you want to do anything with her …..  READ MORE >>

CHILLI Jocelyn has been my farrier for awhile now. My standardbred mare has severe arthritis and a bone spur in her front off fetlock. Because of this, there has to be a perfect balance of work and rest. 1 week before my dressage competition, I was stressing because our canter was terrible (even though she is a Standardbred, she DOES canter) but we just couldn't get it balanced and right. Jocelyn came out to trim my mares feet and noticed Chilli was a little off on her inside shoulder …..  READ MORE >>

NATALIA My 9 year old Arabian mare, Natalia, has been suffering from stiffness in both her shoulder and hind for many months. Not lame, but definitely struggling to use the range of motion on that side. Jocelyn Warren, our barefoot trimmer, is also a practitioner of Emmett Therapy and during a recent visit we discussed how to improve Natalia's stride and movement. Having used Emmet Therapy before with great success, I asked Joc to do some bodywork  …..  READ MORE >>

BILLY I had met Jocelyn at the school where our kids attended, but it was not until our regular farriers and chiropractors became unreliable and also providing unsatisfactory services, that I called upon her to attend my horses. Our old man Billyboy in particular was big and strong and healthy until we locked him up due to the floods. He was a 14.3 stock horse who had worked most of his life. He didn't do well being stabled and became stiff and sore. About 3 mths passed before I dug out Jocelyn's card and called  READ MORE >>

Emma has always had an interest in horses and horse-riding. With minimal previous horse experience, it is clear how far Emma has come during the few lessons she has had with Jocelyn. Jocelyn thoroughly breaks down each element and provides clear explanations. Her extensive knowledge of horses has allowed Emma to develop her riding and horsemanship, both equally important skills. Jocelyn also emphasizes the fundamentals of building a relationship with any horse to allow for a safe and enjoyable ride. Emma thoroughly enjoys her lessons. Marie M  READ MORE >>

2 yo FILLY I am totally impressed by Jocelyn's horse training techniques and patient, gentle approach, she managed to get my 2yo filly in the float in only 20
mins, amazing!! On the second visit she was not only in the float but next to her dam and driven around the paddock without any worry.
Jocelyn also did a great job with trimming my 3 horse's feet.
I looked for a long time to find the right person to train my filly and can honestly thoroughly recommend her.