Jocelyn has spent many years honing her craft>>

Under strict tutoring from Karl Cook Jocelyn has gone on to study a Diploma in Equine Podiotherapy with Andrew Bowe. A career master farrier who specialises in barefoot rehabilitation of horses that suffer chronic lameness.


Each horse is trimmed for optimal comfort. Please do not expect me to trim your horse short so you can save on visits. This changes the hoof too much and gives the horse pain. A trim cycle is designed to suit your horse – be it 3 weekly for the first few trims to get a proper cycle going in the case of being left too long, or 4 – 5 weekly for maintenance trimming. Paddock trims are for the most part ok to be left 6 weekly. 7 or 8 weeks is far too long for optimal hoof balance.


Standard trims in local area $45 ea (1 – 2 horses) $40 ea (3+ )

Corrective trims (severe seedy toe etc) $55 ea (1 – 2 horses) $45 ea (3+ )

If I come out and for behavioural reasons I cannot trim your horse a fee of $30 still applies.

Pulling shoes $10 a light trim will be given at this first trim – then a trim cycle will be established to suit your horse.

I am happy to trim your horse as long as the horse's behaviour is within normal range – please don't expect me to trim a horse that for some reason is very unwilling to have its feet picked up. If you won't pick them up – don't expect anyone else to. We can discuss training fees for this!

What is equine podiotherapy  >>

It is the study of physiologically justified hoof care practices that are based on current research of the internal components of the equine hoof. Its principles are aimed at enhancing correct hoof function and equine biomechanics, therefore promoting lifelong soundness.

Trimming   -   Boots   -   Equine Massage

Purchase Easycare Trail Boots here>>

If you want a no fuss boot suitable for the riders who may do approx. 50 klm. per week and just want a really quick and easy boot, this is the one for you. If you suffer a loss of strength in your fingers that makes doing up buckles difficult then The Trail is a wonderful boot

Boots & Fitting

Boot fitting at the time of trim. $20 – This involves measuring of feet correctly and documenting sizes for ordering. I may have a pair at time of fit – to try on. I will be happy to fit boots to freshly trimmed hooves providing they have been trimmed correctly and fit properly. A fee of $50 applies and further $30 if the horse needs a light trim.

If I attend your horse and cannot trim or fit - then a $30 fee still applies.

Correct fitting for boots are essential and the hoof must be measured correctly to ensure boots stay on and the right boot is chosen for your purpose and horse. Regular trimming is also a must when wearing boots to ensure no rubbing on hooves or extra wear and tear on your boots. Individual fitting boots are recommended as hooves can be different sizes or have different needs.

Simple easy to use horse boot for most riders  >>

Opens up and out for easy access of the hoof. No additional buckles or straps to negotiate. Very affordable and available as a single boot for horses with mis matched hoof sizing.

Is not side specific (so can be used on either the nearside of offside hooves).

Tough polyerethane  sole offers excellent grip on every surface.


It allows muscles to regain their flexibility, strength and range of motion; increasing performance and greatly reducing the chance of injury (physical and mental stress).

Equine Massage

EMMET involves the application of light pressure at particular points that enables the gentle physical release of muscle groups. EMMET allows muscles to regain their flexibility, strength and range of motion; increasing performance and greatly reducing the chance of injury (physical and mental stress). The technique can be used as an effective adjunct to enhance the treatment value of other types of muscle release and neuro-musculoskeletal therapy, or may be used as an effective therapy on its own. I have also imported 2 machines to help massage your horse. These are called EQUINE THUMPERS. One I use for the body is a powerful electric machine that works on percussion (hence the name thumper!) The other is a smaller machine that I use for soothing aching tired legs. If you want a massage at the time of trimming for your horse – I charge $60 (Please let me know at when you book your trim). I will call or text before a trim is due around 24hrs beforehand – if I get no reply I will not be attending your horse and you will need to rebook. If you need to cancel or change a date or time I would appreciate a call asap!

I offer a range of Equine Massage methods in addition to the 2 Equine Thumpers I also am a fully accredited EMMETT equine therapist which involves  a natural application of light pressure at particular points that enables the gentle physical release of muscle groups.

Tips and Shoes

Designer/Developer: Steve Costin
Origin: Queensland, Australia
Material: Polyurethane
Fitting Method: Nail shoe on or glue it on or both
Sizing: Currently sizes 2 through 9 are available Depending on demand, smaller or larger sizes to suit smaller or larger horses may become available. Please enquire Suitability: Suitable for all horse breeds and all equine activities
Surfaces: Suitable for soft (grass, sand) and hard surfaces, especially effective on rough terrain, uneven surfaces such as road, gravel, cobbles, rocks and slippery surfaces.

Polyurethane shoe, designed to replace steel and aluminium shoes
Farriers: easy and faster fitting presents significant time-saving and labour cost saving benefits
Owners: cost-savings delivered through durability and competitive pricing savings
Breeders: safeguards and preventative measures against risk of injury to the horse through increased flexibility, unique design features and increased durability Trainers: the lighter weight significantly increases performance Riders: greater traction, less slipping, improves rider confidence, may reduce risks and improve overall performance Horses: improved comfort, condition and wellbeing, especially in relation to shin soreness.

Application of studs for slippery conditions - mud - extra dry condition

Jocelyn is a fully qualified EMMET therapist  >>

Read More About EMMET >>

For All Services

When you are expecting your Hoofcare specialist to attend your horse/s please be kind enough to have them ready - caught and tied if possible and feet cleaned out.

Payment is expected at time of visit - unless arrangements have been previously made privately. Regular clients are quite welcome to deposit money into my account to save the hassle of carrying cash - but new clients need to understand that they need to discuss this possibility at a later date then at the time of first appointment! Trims cannot and will not be paid for 'next time' as this is a business like any other- if you want to do this please find another who can do this.