TNN Mineral Supplement

 A mineral mix made in Victoria. I have become one of their resellers after trialling this product for over a year first. I have yet to find a product that does as many things as this one. The majority of clients have reported that their horses are much quieter, less anxious and more even temperament after just 2 doses. Coats begin to shine and feet start to grow quicker and more healthy. Very easy to feed – a dose of 20mls in feed once a week is all you need for a horse/pony over 1 yr. Half a capful for horses under 1 yr. Do not feed more than this as you’d be wasting money. At $100 for a 2 ½ litres  lasting one horse a year, it is very affordable.  READ MORE >>



Greedy Steed Hay Nets

A very durable net with 4cm holes for slow feeding, very good for horses that rely on hay to be available for long periods. It cuts out wastage and satisfies the greedy horse. I also use mine in the float – and there is hardly any wastage on the floor when we stop. I tied my horse up one day to the float with her Greedy Steed hay net and another horse was tied to his side with an old-style bag and he was left with no food while mine was happily munching through hers for hours. I have found that the large bags that hold at least 3-4 biscuits of hay to be the best and the full bale bag. I can also get half bale bags and tiny bags for minis.




Horses need supplemental magnesium for energy production, regulation of blood sugars, maintaining normal muscle and nerve function, strength of bones and teeth and mineral absorption. This process is needed because our soils are constantly being depleted of magnesium through over-fertilization and over grazing. When grounds become stressed through extremes of weather conditions, fertilizing or over grazing, a high sugar content is present – therefore our horses are ingesting high amounts of sugar. This is detrimental to most horses, especially ponies, as their digestive systems are not designed for such concentrated foods. Magnesuim deficiency is often seen in such behaviours as: nervous, anxious behaviour, sudden shying, pulling back when tied, dislike of grooming(skin becomes sensitive), separation anxiety (when you take one horse out of the paddock to go for a ride – the one left behind will almost always become stressed) , difficult under saddle, bucking, footsore without shoes, heavy crest(insulin resistance), front feet placed far back under body when resting, tight sloping croup, stifle-locking( a sharp catch movement in the hind limbs) dry flaky skin, Qld itch, watery eyes.




Toxin Binder

Why do we need Toxin Binders - Mycotoxins are produced by moulds and fungi, they can be found in fresh green pastures, hay and any commercial feeds that may not have been well stored. There is the potential for any feed to be contaminated and may contain several strains. This could increase the overall toxicity for your horse. Our Mycoglannan toxin binder attaches to the toxins in the horses gut before they have the chance to be absorbed, then they are passed out in their manure before they have a chance to create health problems for your horse. Itch (Qld itch) - greasy heel “sun burn” - head throwing scabs - colic string halt/ staggers - stable cough/ persistent. And still more……… Due to the production techniques, Mycoglannan material is one of the most consistent and effective MOS on the market. promotes a healthy gut flora acts as a toxin binder acts as a pre-biotic boosts the immune system, supporting natural defence may increase the amount of maternal antibodies in the colostrum will not bind to other nutrients or medications slows glucose uptake, increases insulin sensitivity.


EasySoaker Soaking Boot

Soaking boots – these boots are made by easycare. I supply these boots for owners who have troubles with seedy toe and thrush. Often a horse needs to wear these for a few hours at a time to kill bacteria that causes hoof decay. Often when a hoof is split and has been for some time – a bug has got in there and needs to be cut out. A soak in boots filled with salt or vinegar will help kill it first and soften the hoof ( I personally like this!) Also  if we have had a bout of really bad weather (lots of rain) bugs are really rampant and a good old soak in these will actually help dry out the hooves if soaked in salt or vinegar!

In comes the new slow feeder hay bags and we have a happy horse, tied up eating for hours while we go about cleaning stalls or yards! A lot of horses will stand in buckets, yes – but how boring to have to stand there and supervise! I can fit these boots if needed and then you can be sure to get the right size. They last for years if looked after and you don’t have to worry about wrapping hooves anymore if thrush is present.



RX Therapy Boot

RX Therapy boots – I love these boots. They are great if your horse has an abscess and you need to wrap the hoof once its busted out, preferably with honey or some other natural product. I have personally found this to be the best. An injury that needs a bandage is best served by this boot, it keeps everything dry and can be used in the paddock so the horse can go about its business being a horse without being locked up away from its mates. Also if shoes have been recently pulled and the horse is quite sore (and they sometimes are if they have been using shoes for a long time), they are a good way to help the horse get through a bad patch. Transition boots are also good for this. (look on the easycare site for more details on boots.

If the abscess is yet to break out and the horses is really sore and unwilling to move (movement is very important to help break out the abscess) a pad inside the boot is very useful to allow the horse to put weight on the sore hoof so he can go about racing around(or even just moving is good!) the abscess breaks out very quickly and then you can start the healing process.

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TNN Minerals

Hay Nets


Toxin Binder

Soaker Boots    

Therapy Boots

G2 Boots

Trail Boots

Easyboot Glove

Back Country Glove



Purebred Magic

Old Mac G2 Boot

Old Mac’s G2 are a great All Purpose boot.

Every Old Mac’s G2 horse boot has a unique hi-tech performance outsole and incorporates the patented Hoof Suspension System. The Old Mac’s G2 is composed of a specially developed Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) compound which minimizes concussion and shortens recovery time for horses with concussion-related injuries.

The Old Mac’s G2 is a great option for pleasure riding (less than 25 miles per week) and can also serve as a therapy boot. If your horse suffers from any of the following - arthritis, pedal bone fractures, navicular disease, ringbone, laminitis (founder), bruised soles, or scalping from overreaching–the Old Mac’s G2 horse boot will benefit your horse.

They are sold in pairs and come equipped with front shields for extra protection, aggressive tread, easy opening for application and easycare gaiters.



Easycare Trail Boot

I recommend the use of Easycare Trail boots for the weekend rider who wants to go out on rides up to 25km. They can be used for approx. 5000 hours. They are easy to fit, keep clean and put on quickly. The use of pads inside makes it comfortable for the horse from the first trim to the next. A hoof grows more quickly at times than at others – so the pad helps that adjustment as well.

The Easyboot Trail is the easiest hoof boot in the world to apply and remove. The boot opens up completely to easily slip on and off over most hoof shapes and sizes. The rear double Velcro attachment protects the entire hoof wall and keeps the boot firmly in place.

• Opens wide to get the hoof in and fastens with Velcro. No additional buckles or straps to negotiate.

• Offered at an entry-level price point: One of the most affordable boots on the market today.

• Tough polyurethane sole offers excellent durability and grip on all terrain.

Please not that this boot is designed for light riding on easy trails in the bush or gravel. Not designed for heavy riding up steep rocky hills at maximum speeds.




MSM – I love this product! I feed this to my horses to help with a range of things.




What can I say about this product? Only that it has to be the best product for the topical application of hooves I have ever come across. It is fast working, all natural, smells lovely and grows hooves superfast! I import this product myself from USA after I trailed it and found it far superior than anything I have ever used. It is fantastic on laminitic pony hooves – greasy heel and it grows hair anywhere really well. Some clients even use it on their husband’s bald patches (heads) and find it is growing the hair back! I’ve also been told it is the best for nits – and as its all natural – it hasn’t harmed a single hair on the kid’s heads! Who knows, maybe we will have long haired louts in the show ring.fore long. It does seem to help the hair grow back after a rain scald episode on horses faces as well. I do know that while I’m applying it – my own nails grow super fast and I have to cut them every 3 days.



Purebred Magic

This is a product that was brought to my attention a while ago, ad as usual I trialled it with success before advising my clients. My mare had been rubbing her tail raw and bleeding – I used it and within a week hair started to grow where there was none. I still need to rug her but not in the middle of the day as I normally would. It seems to stop the itching enough to allow some relief from the dreaded Qld midges that cause the sweet itch. The product works really well for mild to medium cases – but I needed something more for the severe cases. As yet it has not proved itself on the hard crusty cases – but was told that increasing the neem in it will help greatly. We are currently testing this on some of the more severe itchy horses. I do know that the shampoo is wonderfully refreshing and does reduce inflammation of the skin – then apply the cream to really get the rest. I have been told that the allergy that creates this horrid disease for the Qld horse is very hard to shift – but I’m sure with the MSM we will be able to nail it.

Rugs and saddle blankets need to be sprayed with this wash a capful for every 500ml to be put into a spray bottle. Also great for treating skin conditions as well as fleas on cats and dogs.


All products that I stock have been carefully chosen and tested by me over the years and have been found to be the best product for the horse and as cost effective as possible without compromising quality and effectiveness. All of these products are available to my clients and I am available to discuss your horse’s individual needs. If you would like any additional information or would like to order a product to be available at your next visit please contact me HERE >>


Easyboot Glove Back Country

The Easyboot Glove Back Country takes the best features of the Easyboot Glove and combines them with the Easyboot Trail. The Glove Back Country concept pairs the form-fitting Glove chassis and incorporates an easy to secure upper modeled after the Trail.

The Easyboot Glove Back Country features include:

The Comfort Cup Gaiter is incorporated into the rear of the boot for the latest technology in support and protection of the soft tissue areas.

The lightweight Upper stabilizes the boot on the hoof. Quick and easy to put on and take off: No strength or force required.

Completely convertible: Built on the Easyboot Glove chassis, this boot can be converted into an Easyboot Glove or Easyboot Glue-On. (Additional accessories are required.)

Includes a soft durable upper, comfort cup gaiter, front shield and semi aggressive tread. Perfect for hills and rocky terrain.



Easyboot Glove

A slim, form-fitting boot that is easy to apply. Features our best tread pattern yet, based on 40 years of experience and the latest in technology. Ideal for the well-maintained barefoot hoof. Power Straps are recommended for aggressive riding, hilly terrain and muddy conditions (sold separately). A Fit Kit is recommended to determine proper sizing for the Easyboot Glove as it is important to note sizing can be different than what you would normally use for your horse.

Easyboot gloves are a great performance boot that come equipped with a reinforced neoprene gaiter, semi aggressive tread, flexible shell for the perfect fit and an optional power strap to give you the closest fit possible.