I had met Jocelyn at the school where our kids attended, but it was not until our regular farriers and chiropractors became unreliable and also providing unsatisfactory services, that I called upon her to attend my horses. Our old man Billyboy in particular was big and strong and healthy until we locked him up due to the floods. He was a 14.3 stock horse who had worked most of his life. He didn't do well being stabled and became stiff and sore. About 3 mths passed before I dug out Jocelyn's card and called her. We moved him to dry ground at a friends place with his lil mate Hercules. He seemed depressed and was very stiff, his feet were way overgrown also. Billy did not walk anywhere without Hercules leading the way, not even for water or food. Jocelyn came and tended Billy each fortnight for 2 months. On her 2nd visit Billy acknowledged her, (he was not responding to any of us other than Hercules). after several visits Billy was trotting and cantering about the place again and he did not appear to be going blind as we had first suspected. Her consistent and correct trimming and body work had brought our big boy back to health. He was finally sound again after about 6 months in Jocelyn's care and was fit to travel the 1.5 hr trip to my sister where he was to see out his days, however he came back to us after a few months as they travelled overseas. He was so glad to see Jocelyn again as he had ONE incorrect trim while he was away which caused him to become lame. Under Jocelyn's care once more he become sound again and enjoyed life once more. He was able to carry himself and run with the kids riding their bikes alongside of him. Billy was put to rest at 38 due to internal problems. But his body and feet were a picture of health