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My name is Jocelyn Warren and I service the areas of Sth East Qld as a hoof care practioner  and Emmett therapist (equine and human body worker).  I came from Esperance in WA where I started my journey into better horsemanship practices.My tutor was a gypsy who learnt his skills from his forefathers and for no other reason than necessity I learnt how to better my horses lives and my own by listening to what he had to show me. After a very shaky start I started trimming my own horses hooves and any others I could coerce my friends into. Under strict tutoring from Karl Cook I started developing my skills as a bare hoof care practitioner. As time progressed I also developed safe handling practices and honed my attention to detail. Since moving to Qld in late 2010, I am continuing my passion of hoof care through a Diploma of Equine Podiotherapy with Andrew Bowe (Barefoot Blacksmith).

As the changing environment of horse emerges, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of our horses life. No longer an animal used solely for transport, work or war, to be replaced by another when broken, we are carers of the equine for pleasure. My aim is to educate owners how to care for their horse, in the most economical way possible and to extend the quality of life through correct hoof care, massage, paddock management, and a link to other professionals for advice on other matters. As we all progress and better information becomes available,it is my promise to you, the client, that I will endeavour to keep updating and improving, to maximize the pleasure with your horses.

One thing I have learned – and this could be one of the most important is that when a horse uses any part of his foot that he not supposed to – at a time that he not supposed to – for ANY reason then it sets him up for a lifetime of either mild ongoing lameness – or chronic lameness that devalues his life.

Thank you for looking through my site and I hope I can help you with issues that come your horses way, also by referring you to a network of service providers I am familiar with to further help you provide the best care for your horse.


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